Fruit express delivery in Airasia Cargo


Fruit express delivery in Airasia Cargo

Fruit transportation is a service chosen and trusted by many businesses at AirportCargo logistics. Since its inception until now, not only the fruit transportation service but also other services of AirportCargo logistics always best meet the requirements of customers, without any errors.


Fruit express delivery in Airasia Cargo at the cheapest price!

Shipping costs save 30-50%

Tu is still free service by the most experienced staff.

Door-to-Door courier service: fast delivery and delivery

Free packing support

Enjoy promotional services on multiple monthly routes.

Track and resolve to ensure the goods arrive safely, check the schedule of goods online, notify the customer when the shipment is completed.

Committed goods arrive on time

Fruit express delivery ensures the quality of goods

Air freight has many advantages:

Air transport routes are mostly straight lines connecting 2 transport points together

The speed of air transport is high, the exploitation speed is large and the transit time is fast

Air transport is safer than other means

Simple air transport in terms of formalities

Guarantee on time parallel to the safety and integrity of the goods

Therefore, when you send fruit by air, it will be guaranteed in terms of product quality. Moreover, it also limits damage, bruising, loss of nutrients, …

About AirasiaCargo 

AirasiaCargo has always been the best option for business and Individuals for their international courier needs. Since, We deal in international courier services, International freight services, air courier services, air cargo services, sea cargo Services, bulk courier services, you’ll not have to go anywhere else when you can get all the solution under one name of trust. While providing international courier services in VietNam, our team always keep the customer satisfaction in mind.

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Whether it’s your household shipment, university document, medical report, medicine, excess baggage, commercial sample, free sample, or any other kind of documents, we’ve got the best solution for international courier for you with AirasiaCargo

Airasia Cargo promise to bring our clients absolute satisfaction. Client satisfaction is the driving force for Airasia Cargo’s development

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