International moving house services in Airasia Cargo

International moving house services in Airasia Cargo 

Moving house is always a big problem when you have to go away for a long time, move for work, or need to change residence. The issue is more difficult when the place you move to is a foreign country where you are geographically distant and culturally different.

International moving house services

As one of the leading moving house units in Vietnam, with more than ten years of experience in the field of international moving house services, and a global network of cooperative agents.  Airasia Cargo provides international moving house  services from Vietnam to countries around the world and vice versa. We are confident to provide customers with the best service.

Airasia Cargo currently undertakes package moving from Vietnam to Japan, China, Indonesia, USA, Europe and many other countries around the world. and we also move houses all over the world to Vietnam.

Airasia Cargo provides the following shipping services:

+ Clothes

+ Furniture

+ Vehicles

+ Household items

+ Office equipment

And all other items that customers need to move

International moving house services

 International moving house services process in Airasia Cargo

  • Pre-shipment survey

The staff ensures that they are fluent in the language of the clients. They come to conduct a survey of information about the location to move to and the time to move. They will also explain how and how much it costs to ship, and how to pack and store the goods. This is the most important step of the service to make the transaction successful or not.

  • Plan your transportation

The transportation plan is created in detail and ensures that the customer can follow the whole transportation process. The plan is designed according to the route of the goods to be transferred and the customs clearance requirements of the destination country

  • Prepare packing materials and pack goods safely

Airasia Cargo’s staff is trained to professionally pack at home for client. Making sure to use the best packaging materials to protect client furniture.

The dismantling of different house parts is quite complicated; therefore, Airasia Cargo offers a team of staff in various fields including construction, and carpentry. All the equipment can be installed to your exact requirements. The staff team includes skilled labor with great responsibility and dedication. Then the working progress and quality will always be assured.

  • Arrange and deliver goods to the warehouses

Goods after leaving the client’s house will be transferred to the warehouse of Airasia Cargo if the shipping schedule is not at the same time as packing. During the storage process, Airasia Cargo ensures that luggage is preserved in the best conditions: a clean and airy environment, modern equipment, appropriate ventilation, lighting systems, and 24/24 protection.

In case the transportation process is interrupted, the luggage and household goods have to be stored for a long time due to objective reasons or the customer’s individual. Luggage and furniture will be placed in the least transported area of the storage and best-preserved until it is delivered to the client.

  • Shipment procedures

Airasia Cargo prepares necessary documents reservations with airlines, and shipping lines and does customs clearance. We will minimizes the inspection at the port, after checking the client’s luggage; the packing staff of Airasia Cargo will load and pack carefully again.

  • Door-to-door service by diversified transportation

Airasia Cargo applies multi-modal transportation (sea, air, and road) in case the goods and luggage of customers need to be sent urgently to ensure the earliest time and reasonable cost.

  • Worldwide shipping insurance

insurance for all risks during the transportation is applied to Door to Door service. The insurance buying process takes place when Airasia Cargo  begins packing and is valid until the unpacking process is completed at the client’s new home.

 why should  Airasia Cargo be your best choice when international moving house?

 Here are the advantages of Airasia Cargo’s international moving house services compared to other similar services on the market.

– Conveniently: Package moving in Airasia Cargo have  the ability to optimize closing time. When hiring a package moving service, customers do not need to do anything. The dismantling, packing, and installation services will be fully in charge of the transportation group. The client can move to new home most easily and conveniently

– Fast: The dismantling, loading, and unloading can take a lot of time for the customer because usually, the host has no experience in this. Package moving unit with a workforce of highly trained, professional staff will bring a quick turnaround in the transportation process.

– Perfect packing: Careful packaging and use of appropriate packaging materials for each item . With things like specialized packing and unpacking requirements to secure storage of your belongings , all your moving needs are made easy

– Uncomplicated procedure

 -Precise protection:

With complete protection of all your items and consultation services help the client prepare for new life even before you arrive. Reputable unit always know how to protect customers’ belongings at the best level. In addition, the moving house services use the whole vehicle to transport, so throughout the journey, the furniture is moved safely, avoiding loss and damage. Airasia Cargo make sure the whole experience is seamless and safe when using the international moving house services


Airasia Cargo promise to bring our clients absolute satisfaction. Client satisfaction is the driving force for Airasia Cargo’s development

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