Courier service Vietnam – Korea in ASIACARGO


Courier service Vietnam – Korea

Freight, freight forwarding, hand-carrying, ordering? These services Are you looking for Vietnam – Korea sugar? Fees, price list, how to charge Are you interested? What types of goods do you need to ship or receive?

Courier service Vietnam – Korea in AirasiaCargo .Come to  Airasiacargo – the unit providing transportation and shipping services with a wide range of activities along with the cheapest cost, fastest time and most prestige. Cheap Courier service Vietnam – Korea

Meet those needs. AirAsiacargo we have expanded and developed transportation services, shipping, freight forwarding; especially the cheapest and most economical Vietnam – Korea express delivery service.


Courier service Vietnam – Korea in AirAsiacargo – You can fully trust:

AirAsiacargo with its extensive network; we are confident to be the leading transport service provider; With many years of experience, we bring the best experience to our customers:

– AirAsiacargo’s courier service will meet all Customer’s requirements; Here, customers will be consulted, supported, answered all questions about how and solutions to send and receive goods.
– We always update and detail the route of the goods and have the tracking number of the shipment so that the customer can track the information of the shipment.
– Delivery time, receiving goods is the top criteria we set.
– Goods will be insured, 100% compensation if something goes wrong.
– Solve all problems related to goods quickly. Support for two-way customs clearance.

Express delivery process Vietnam – Korea:

AirAsiacargo is committed to bringing the most convenience to customers; with a simple Vietnam – Korea express delivery process; Save time and optimize:

Packing and receiving: We will receive the package after the customer has packed the package; After receiving the goods will calculate the freight and detailed quotation.
Signing for receipt of goods: The delivery and signed receipts will be kept for the receiving and sending parties. There will be direct notification of delivery results to customers.
Delivery time can be from 3-4 working days

Price list / cost / shipping quote:

Will be calculated based on information about actual weight and size of goods when weighed at the time of delivery, including:
Absolute Weight: Weight of the container after being packed.
Size weight: Weight is calculated with the formula:
Converted volume = length x width x height / 5000.
Weight is rounded to 1kg for normal delivery and 0.5kg for express delivery.
Absolute weight and size, compare 2 values, the larger value will be used as a standard to calculate money.

AirAsiacargo receives goods from Vietnam to the provinces of Korea:

Andong, Ansan, Anseong, Anyang, Asan, Boryeong, Bucheon, Busan, Changwon, Cheonan, Cheongju, Chuncheon, Chungju, Daegu, Daejeon, Dangjin, Dongducheon, Donghae, Gangneung, Geoje, Gimcheon., Gimhae, Gimje, Guri, Gwacheon, Gwangju, Gwangyang, Gyeongju, Gyeongsan, Gyeryong, Hanam, Hwaseong, Icheon, Iksan, Incheon, Jecheon, Jeongeup, Jeonju, Jeju, Naju, Namyangju, Nonsan, Miryang. Mokpo, Mungyeong, Osan, Paju, Pocheon, Pochang, Pyeongtaek, Sacheon, Sangju, Samcheok, Sejong. Seogwipo, Seongnam, Seosan, Seoul, Siheung, Hong Suncheon, Suwon, Taebaek, Tongyeong, Uijeongbu, Uiwang, Ulsan, Wonju, Yangju, Yangsan, Yeoju, Yeongcheon, Yeongju, Yeosu, Yongin.

Airasia Cargo promise to bring our clients absolute satisfaction. Client satisfaction is the driving force for Airasia Cargo’s development

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