Shipping goods from Vietnam to Poland in Airasia Cargo

Shipping goods from Vietnam to Poland in Airasia Cargo

Poland and Vietnam maintain strong economic and cultural relations. Vietnam’s growing economy represents a great opportunity for both countries. Having secure parcel delivery is important to help connect Vietnam with Poland.

This Shipping Guide between Vietnam and Poland explores of the main elements of international shipping between Vietnam and Poland

  • Common carrier shipping options for shipping Poland from Vietnam
  • Shipping Terms to consider including delivery duty paid
  • Import process for consignments to Poland
  • Common Poland import fees for goods imported from Vietnam
  • CBSA Assessment and Revenue online portal (CARM)
  • CPTPP and duty free import for Vietnam origin goods
  • Information required for a shipping quote between Poland and Vietnam
  • shipping-goods-from- vietnam-to-poland
    Shipping goods from Vietnam to Poland

Duty and taxes in Poland for shipments sent from Vietnam

Parcels imported from Vietnam to Poland are subject to Canadian duty and taxes. Most parcels valued under $20 CAD can be imported free of duty and taxes. Parcels valued under $3,300 CAD from Vietnam can be imported via Poland customs low value shipment / LVS express clearance processes. Carriers charge a disbursement fee that usually averages around $20 CAD.

  • Up to CA$20 and under: duty and tax free when imported from Vietnam.
  • Duty and taxes apply when importing goods valued over CA$20.
  • parcels imported form Vietnam to Poland can be import free of duty and taxes

Estimated shipping schedule from Vietnam to Poland

– HaiPhong/ DaNang / HCM Port to Gdnia Port:  38 – 42 days

– HaiPhong/ DaNang / HCM Port to Szczecin Port:  35 – 38 days

– HaiPhong/ DaNang / HCM Port to Gdansk Port:  32 – 36 days

Why you choose sea freight services of Airasia Cargo when shipping goods from Vietnam to Poland

Alphatrans provides cargo shipping service to Poland (Gdnia Port, Szczecin Port, Gdansk Port,…) and Poland to Vietnam (Hai Phong Port, Ho Chi Minh Port, Da Nang Port,..) . So, why you choose us sea freight services from to Poland (Gdnia Port, Szczecin Port, Gdansk Port,…) to Vietnam and otherwise?

– Competitive price: Our best ocean rates for these “all-in” services are enabling you to receive your goods as soon as possible

– Professional service: Trade managers 24 hours online, check and reply every 3 – 5 minutes. Logistics staff with 5 years experience in cargo shipping from Poland to Vietnam

– Arriving safety: Airasia Cargo is responsible for loading, unloading and controlling your FCL / LCL cargo. By combination logistics technology, expertise, and the world’s best freight forwarders, Airasia Cargo ensures safe and real-time operations, right in your browser

– Tracking and tracing your sea freight 24/7: During cargo shipping service to Poland and from Poland to Vietnam, you always worry about the current status of your cargo. You always wonder “ When your cargo is on board? Where the goods are? And how many more days they will arrive?” When you use our ocean freight service, we always update your current cargo status (such as cut-off time, time of departure, the journey of the cargo ship, time of arrival,..) during transit

Prohibited and Restricted Imports

The import of certain commodities into Poland is prohibited, usually as the result of international sanctions. A variety of goods and commodities are subject to import (and export) restrictions to protect the safety and lives of humans, animals and plants, safeguard national security, or to protect artistic, cultural or intellectual property. Examples are restrictions and controls on the import of certain food products, drugs, pharmaceuticals, environmentally hazardous products, seeds, weapons, explosives, and antiques.

Types of goods Imports and export from Poland to Vietnam

Below are some of the main products you can too imports and export from Poland to Vietnam:

– Electronic equipment

– Machines, engines, and pumps

– Steel and iron,etc

– Oil

– Plastics

– Human-made staple fibers

– Fabric

– Cotton

– Fertilizer

– Steel or iron products


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