Shipping services from France to Vietnam save 10% cost


Shipping services from France to Vietnam save 10% cost

AirAsia with a lot of experience in transportation, professional staff and a worldwide agent system will be a reliable address for customers wishing to transport goods from France to Vietnam quickly, at extremely low prices. cheap.


Demand for Shipping services from France to Vietnam

During the boom in technology, it was very easy to access information about products, so the demand for owning products was increasing or in other words, the demand for sending goods from France to Vietnam increased over time. time. We are serving customers including:

Customers order and buy goods from France to Vietnam: individuals and organizations in Vietnam trading French products. Buy goods from French e-commerce sites and send goods to Vietnam through Airasia

Gifts and gifts between individuals in France and Vietnam: Vietnamese people residing in France or French sending gifts to relatives and partners in Vietnam

Warranty and insurance goods: items are sent from Vietnam to warranty and then sent back to customers

What types of goods are transported from France to Vietnam?

Clothing, shoes, bags, confectionery, jewelry, accessories of low value goods

Perfume, cigars, watches, handbags LV, Gucci

French wines, spirits, premium wines

Tablets, laptops, computers, high-value electronic goods

Apple products: Iphone, Imac, Macbook, Apple watch

Cosmetics, functional foods, powdered milk, therapeutic drugs

High-value antiques, pianos, art works

Eyeglasses, watches, amplifiers, golf clubs

Accessories, spare parts for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, machines…

Price list for Shipping services from France to Vietnam

How much does it cost to ship goods from France to Vietnam? This is the question we get the most. Currently we are applying the shipping fee as follows:

For goods sent to Vietnam: Shipping service price includes shipping fee, import tax, foreign currency exchange fee, domestic shipping fee. There are also surcharges for some special items.
For goods purchased on behalf of France to Vietnam: The price includes the purchase service fee, shipping fee, foreign currency exchange fee, import tax, domestic shipping fee. There are other additional fees depending on each specific order.

We will calculate the weight of bulky goods based on the formula: (length x width x height)/5000. The results are used to calculate the respective shipping charges.

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High-value goods, perfumes, etc., when sent to Vietnam, will have a customs fee surcharge. Sending a lot of goods will be charged more preferential than small orders.

Staff will provide specific fees when receiving information from customers. Aircargo charges fees transparently, openly and with absolutely no frivolity.

Procedures for Shipping services from France to Vietnam

Customers sending goods from France only need to prepare the goods and do the following procedures:

Provide sender and consignee information. This includes your full name, phone number, and specific address. Contact information needs to be accurate for you to contact when needed.
You will guide customers to send goods to our warehouse in France. Or if you order French goods to Vietnam, you just need to write the delivery address as your warehouse address. The staff will receive the goods and send them to you.
Business goods need to have sufficient documents and papers proving the origin to be presented to customs.
Completing the procedures, invoices to pay shipping charges from France to Vietnam.

AirAsia provides a complete airfreight service that meets all customer requirements with key services including:

Air transport of import and export goods, delivery from the owner’s warehouse or the airport to the airport or the recipient’s warehouse.
Packaging and packaging of goods.
Warehousing and distribution of goods
Freight agents and transportation contracts with many major airlines in the world: SQ, TG, VN, BA, ..

Visit or to known more details about Shipping services from France to Vietnam and we can advise you in the most accurate way!

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