Shipping goods to Europe by air in AirasiaCargo with 20% discount

Shipping goods to Europe by air in AirasiaCargo with 20% discount

AirasiaCargo has long-term experience in the field of shipping goods to Europe in Vietnam, ensuring fast service, professional reputation.

AirasiaCargo is entrusted to act as a freight agent for many airlines. Therefore, the transportation by air is extremely convenient, with a variety of items such as: consumer goods, machinery, handicrafts, documents, food,….

Shipping goods to Europe by air in AirasiaCargo
Shipping goods to Europe by air in AirasiaCargo

We will provide air freight services tailored to the needs of our customers. Including indirect and direct to ensure safe and timely transportation of goods, freight rates to meet most of the needs of customers.

AirasiaCargo receives  shipping goods to Europe by air  from Vietnam to European countries:

England; Denmark; Norway; Finland; Switzerland; Poland; Bulgaria; Hungary; Belarus; Belgium; Netherlands; France; Italy; Turkey; Switzerland; Serbia; Portugal; Greek;…..

We accept shipping on all items except those that are prohibited from shipping by EU Installation

Prohibited commodity on shipping to Europe.

To avoid problemsredundant charges and penalties you should stay down from shipping to Europe the following commodity
– Perishable food products
 – Live creaturesshops and seeds
– Any drugs and medicines
 – Dangerous and Hazardous Goods are confined and subject to blessing and special procedures
– Aerosols
– Liquids
– Cash, plutocrat orderscredit
 – Passports and other nonpublic documents
– Valuable jewelry, art, and antique
To simplifyavoid transferring to Europe particulars considered dangerous or banned with regular parcel service at your original USPS office.
stillabolish all former shipping markers and marks, If you pack in used boxes. Especially if it relates to dangerous goods or dangerous accoutrements .
Stilldon’t put your entire payload at threat, If you aren’t positive that some of your goods are legal for freight shipping to Europe.

Agents of airlines

Asian airlines: 

All Nippon Airways (ANA), China Airlines(CI), China Southern Airlines(CZ), Korean Air(KE), Laos Airlines(QV), Eva Air(BR), Lion Air(JT), Philippine Airlines(PR), Qantas(QR), Thai Airways(TG), Singapore Airlines(SQ)…. And other airlines

European airlines:

Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines System, Air Atlantique, Air Harrods, Air Scotland, Australia

Agents of airlines
Agents of airlines


When you ship goods by air, there are a few stages of the shipping process

  • Receive information from customers (name of goods, delivery location, weight, packing method and other information)
  • Classification of goods (DG, PER, VUN, WET…) to obtain the necessary permits and certificates
  • Consulting, quotation and closing orders
  • Get booking confirmation from the airline/agent: after closing the price and planning to ship the goods, proceed to get the airline booking that best suits the customer’s transportation requirements
  • Check restrictions (not all cargo is equal)
  • Make bookings and arrange shipment
  • Prepare freight for export by packing it according to the conditions
  • Calculate the gross weight and shipping costs
  • Deliver freight, have it tracked, and collect freight

Air-shipping involves many rules, laws, and documents, including marking and labeling with correct processing codes, license numbers, packaging that guarantees the goods’ integrity, handling, storage, etc.

Specific steps and regulations apply to the air shipment process for each particular cargo. The rules for each step of the process must be consistent with the shipper’s and carrier’s responsibilities

Time of shipping goods by air from Vietnam to Europe

Air freight is the fastest but at the same time the relatively precious variant. Conveyance time from Vietnam to both Europe and the US is 7 to 8 days for classic air freight or 3- 5 days for express air freightnumerous major carriers operate breakouts from Vietnam. The commanding Vietnamese transnational airfields are Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Noi Bai International Airport, and Da Nang International Airport. still, if you transport to a lower country in Europe, it might be necessary to trans- boat in one of Europe’s biggest airfields, e.g. in Frankfurt, Paris, or Amsterdam

Utilities when using the shipping goods to Europe by air service at Airasiacargo

  • Ensure the fastest and most convenient safe calculation for customers when shipping goods to Europe by air.
  • With a long-term vision and perspective. Freight rates in air transport are regulated in unified tariff schedules. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has regulations on the rules, methods of charge calculation and issuance in The Air Cargo Tariff( TACT) air freight schedule.
  • AirasiaCarrgo always has preferential treatment for big customers and regular customers, this fee is always guaranteed to be the best in Vietnam.
  • Always have the goods policy, take care of customers.

AirasiaCargo’s staffs are professionally trained, serving and advising customers enthusiastically at any time.

AirasiaCargo expands forwarding services all over the world, reaching out to become a leading enterprise in the field of logistics, providing transportation services, successfully connecting all the way. AirasiaCargo is also committed to providing a great experience for our customers.

Customer satisfaction is the driving force for AirasiaCargo’s developments.

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